Michael-SeischnaydreIt is important to have a sense of confidence, comfort and understanding that you will receive top quality, safe and successful outcomes from your procedure. Our consultative approach to evaluating your condition coupled with our years of experience can help guide you into a comfortable decision about your care.
Some of our patients took the time to share their feedback and have given us permission to share their comments below. See what our approach can do for your daily sense of well-being.

Michael A. Seichnaydre MD.

Shelly Lunsford
For many years I have been fighting allergies, sinus infections, headaches, and restless nights with am fatigue. I finally agreed to have the CT scan Dr. Seicshnaydre had been recommending. He went over my CT with me, explaining in detail, the procedure he could do to help me and the expected results. He spoke with me right before my surgery which was very comforting and afterwards he and his staff checked on me frequently making sure I was okay.
I can breathe better, sleep better, and exercise better. I am so thankful for Dr. Seicshnaydre and his staff, they are wonderful!

Nathan Allen
“I had always had problems breathing and assumed that I would for the rest of my life. I slept poorly, couldn’t smell anything, and was always fatigued. Given how critical breathing is, it basically hindered every aspect of my life. That all changed after seeing Dr. S. He identified the problem and took the time to explain the best way to cure my breathing problems: nasal surgery and allergy shots.
“After the surgery, everyone was amazed at how quickly I healed. I mean, a week after the procedure, most people couldn’t tell that I had surgery because it healed so fast. But the biggest change is that I can breathe much better, and the allergy shots just keep making it better. Now I feel like a new person. If I had known how big of an impact this would have, I would have done this a long time ago.”

Kara Nayfa
Dr. Seicshnaydre was very patient with me and kept me calm before my surgery. His detailed knowledge and understanding of my problem is what gave me the confidence to have my surgery.
Dr. Seicshnaydre really made the effort to take as much time as I needed to understand what was happening. I respect him very much for not rushing through all of the details but taking every minute and second to reassure me throughout the surgery process.
He explained the entire process before the surgery. He walked me through the procedure of how he was going to remove my tonsils and explained what I should expect as a result of the procedure. After surgery he walked me through the steps of my recovery. He was very sincere and genuine about making sure I received proper care.
Before having my tonsils removed I was getting strep throat and tonsillitis anywhere from 5-8 times a year. Since Dr. Seicshnaydre removed my tonsils in December 2012 I have not gotten sick due to my tonsils at all. The difference is remarkable and I could not thank Dr. Seicshnaydre enough for the incredible results.

Jo Foster
I would like to take this opportunity to make the following statement on behalf of Dr. Michael Seicshnaydre. In November 2013 I noticed a lump in my throat. I was immediately given an appointment with Dr. Seicshnaydre. After all the tests were completed it was deemed necessary for Thyroid surgery.
Dr. Seicshnaydre and his nurse Nancy were wonderful in relieving a lot of my anxiety about the surgery by explaining the procedure in complete detail not only to me but to my husband and daughter. We all felt very confident in his talents and abilities.
I requested that when he was in surgery that he take a little of the excess loose skin at the neck off too. I recovered beautifully in about a week and my neck looks 10 years younger.
Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for Dr. Seicshnaydre and his staff, they are truly remarkable professionals that are wonderful at the job they do.

Emily Cater
Dr. Seicshnaydre did reconstructive surgery on my nose to help me breath through it. Before the surgery I could only breathe through my mouth and after the surgery I could breathe through my nose and I have more energy. The main thing I tell people when they ask about my surgery is how nice and comforting Dr. Seicshnaydre and Ms. Nancy were before and after the surgery. I was very nervous before the surgery and called the office many times to ask questions about the surgery. Dr. Seicshnaydre or Ms. Nancy always answered all my questions with a lot of detail and never rushed me off the phone. The thing that I most appreciated was the day of my surgery I was a nervous wreck and I had heard stories of the patient going under anesthesia and the doctor not even being there yet. That made me very nervous. The last person I saw before going under was Dr. Seicshnaydre and he was telling me it was going to be okay, that meant a lot to me. The recovery part of the surgery was tough, but when Dr. Seicshnaydre called to check on me or I called with a question he always was so excited about how I was going to feel after the couple of recovery days, and him being so confident and excited about my finished results made those recovery days a lot easier. Overall my experience was and turned out to be a life changing procedure and I am thankful for Dr. Seicshnaydre and his team for being so great.

Scott Turner
I sought Dr. Seichnaydre’s services due to chronic sinusitis, headaches, minimal nasal airflow, and inadequate sleep secondary to snoring. Dr. Seicshnaydre performed surgery on me on August 1, 2014 and three weeks later I sit here writing a testimonial.
I can now breathe through my nose for the first time in my adult life. My wife tells me I don’t snore anymore, I feel more rested after waking in the morning. I have not experienced headaches as before. My wife likes the way my nose looks; I just wanted to breathe and got both. Though the thought of surgery is daunting, the improvement in quality of life is well worth it. I highly recommend the services offered by Dr. Seicshnaydre. I am very pleased with the results.
Dr. Seicshnaydre discussed current treatment options being provided by the top clinical sites around the country. Furthermore, he conveyed to me the various advanced trainings he has attended.
His consultation included detailed descriptions of the full procedure including best practice implementations practiced by leading ENT’s in the United States. Dr. Seicshnaydre illustrated the various aspects of my functional rhinoplasty in terms I could understand.
He has a very pleasant and engaging personality. He instills confidence in his patients. Their support staff is great……Nancy is awesome!

Kelly Hines
Dr. Seicshnaydre has taken care of my whole family for 12 years. My children were both sick a lot before he treated them, and now they both feel so much better and rarely get sick.
He explained the whole allergic response and its effects on my children. He explained all the procedures to my husband and me and answered all our questions.
He is great with my children. He has put several sets of tubes in their ears and has done tonsillectomy on both of them.
Dr. Seicshnaydre also did my sinus surgery and now I can breathe!

Rita Porea
I had an unusual growth on the left side of my face, I visited my primary care and was advised to see my dentist, when I got to my dentist I was told “not quite a dental issue”…maybe you might want to check with a specialist. Well, I decided to check with Dr. Seicshnaydre, whom I had been seeing for hearing and ear problems. Sure enough, he diagnosed, I had swollen salivary glands. I had to have a parotidectomy. Dr. Seicshnaydre scheduled the procedure for shortly after, once he started, he realized the gland was entangled in hundreds of tiny little nerves which he separated each, one at a time, to afford me normal control of my facial expressions. From then on I had the utmost respect for not only Dr. Seicshnaydre, but his staff as well, who also contribute to making things work.
Dr. Seicshnaydre is completely dedicated to his field. He is not only concerned about your health, but your overall wellbeing. I have been a patient since 2—3. I originally went to him because every year of my entire life, until then, I would get this completely debilitation earache. At 44 years old and one visit to Dr. Seicshnaydre it was diagnosed and resolved. Can you imagine the freedom? After all those years of pain, all I could do was sing his praises!!!

The best thing Dr. Seicshnaydre does is reassure you. He carefully explains what the issue is, why you have it and what needs to be done. He has pictures and diagrams in his office which illustrate your issue in detail, so you also get visual on what’s being done. I felt completely confident that my needs were being met, and that I was in perfectly good hands.

Ultimately, I am grateful to Dr. Seicshnaydre for understanding that my innermost desires were not so ridiculous after all, in fact he made me realize that a lifelong dream was completely do-able. As an African American female, with a classic AA nose, I’ve always wanted a different look, but never considered it realistic. Dr. Seicshnaydre performed rhinoplasty for me and although it’s not complete, it has already changed my life dramatically. I have so much more in my appearance; I’ve never felt this before and cannot thank him enough.

Monisa Mooney
I was having continuous severe sinus infections. Dr. Seicshnaydre suggested that with surgery and allergy shots, I’d see improvement. I can breathe well, unlike any other time in my adult life. Sinus infections have decreased and my sleep has improved dramatically. My nose is slimmer and more symmetrical.

The Main reasons that I have stayed with Dr. Seicshnaydre is that he explains things well and listens to my experience. This is invaluable (and rare) in a physician these days. Thank you!

Bethany Cuevas
Right before I was going in for surgery, Dr. Seicshnaydre came in to speak to me and made me feel better. I was very nervous and he calmed me by saying “ Bethany, everything is going to be fine.” You will be able to breathe.
Dr. Seicshnaydre has been so professional since the first day I met him. He truly cares about his patients. I know this because he has gone above and beyond to make sure my sinuses were corrected and I am happy with them.

When I first showed Dr. Seicshnaydre my x-rays, I felt like I might have needed a second sinus surgery. He looked and told me I would be undergoing another surgery. He answered every question I had and that says a lot, because I can ask too many questions. I was scared about the recovery, because like I said I had already had the surgery from a different specialist, with a painful recovery. That being said, I had a smooth recovery.

Thank you Dr. Seicshnaydre for making my life so much better. I am no longer suffering and would not be this satisfied if it were not for you. My breathing has improved so much. I do not have to turn my face a certain way for pictures to make my nose look good. It looks great from all angles. I feel 100% better. I could never thank you enough.

Jeanne Sampognaro
He ran all the necessary tests before and showed me pictures and explained what he would be doing. That secured my confidence in him and Nancy, his nurse was very good.

His years of surgery and referrals I received, as well as his kind bedside manner drew me to him without fear.

I was well prepared for the recovery journey. He shared pictures and a detailed explanation before the procedure, phone calls to check on me after surgery, and the follow my follow up visits and with pictures until my release.

Thank you is not enough, I had no idea that I could breathe. What I call normal now and how well I feel and I owe it all to Dr. Seicshnaydre and don’t forget Nancy his nurse because she was always right there as well.

Jessica Morris
“Your going to love your nose…and I do! I love the appearance of my nose and so does my friends and family.

I am able to breathe a lot better, especially at night. I recommend EVERYONE to Dr. Seicshnaydre. He did a great job on both my son and I. Great Doctor!! Love Nurse Nancy!!!!