I had an unusual growth on the left side of my face, I visited my primary care and was advised to see my dentist, when I got to my dentist I was told “not quite a dental issue”…maybe you might want to check with a specialist. Well, I decided to check with Dr. Seicshnaydre, whom I had been seeing for hearing and ear problems. Sure enough, he diagnosed, I had swollen salivary glands. I had to have a parotidectomy. Dr. Seicshnaydre scheduled the procedure for shortly after, once he started, he realized the gland was entangled in hundreds of tiny little nerves which he separated each, one at a time, to afford me normal control of my facial expressions. From then on I had the utmost respect for not only Dr. Seicshnaydre, but his staff as well, who also contribute to making things work.



Dr. Seicshnaydre is completely dedicated to his field. He is not only concerned about your health, but your overall wellbeing. I have been a patient since 2—3. I originally went to him because every year of my entire life, until then, I would get this completely debilitation earache. At 44 years old and one visit to Dr. Seicshnaydre it was diagnosed and resolved. Can you imagine the freedom? After all those years of pain, all I could do was sing his praises!!!



The best thing Dr. Seicshnaydre does is reassure you. He carefully explains what the issue is, why you have it and what needs to be done. He has pictures and diagrams in his office which illustrate your issue in detail, so you also get visual on what’s being done. I felt completely confident that my needs were being met, and that I was in perfectly good hands.



Ultimately, I am grateful to Dr. Seicshnaydre for understanding that my innermost desires were not so ridiculous after all, in fact he made me realize that a lifelong dream was completely do-able. As an African American female, with a classic AA nose, I’ve always wanted a different look, but never considered it realistic. Dr. Seicshnaydre performed rhinoplasty for me and although it’s not complete, it has already changed my life dramatically. I have so much more in my appearance; I’ve never felt this before and cannot thank him enough.



Rita Porea