Dr. Seicshnaydre was very patient with me and kept me calm before my surgery. His detailed knowledge and understanding of my problem is what gave me the confidence to have my surgery.

Dr. Seicshnaydre really made the effort to take as much time as I needed to understand what was happening. I respect him very much for not rushing through all of the details but taking every minute and second to reassure me throughout the surgery process.

He explained the entire process before the surgery. He walked me through the procedure of how he was going to remove my tonsils and explained what I should expect as a result of the procedure. After surgery he walked me through the steps of my recovery. He was very sincere and genuine about making sure I received proper care.

Before having my tonsils removed I was getting strep throat and tonsillitis anywhere from 5-8 times a year. Since Dr. Seicshnaydre removed my tonsils in December 2012 I have not gotten sick due to my tonsils at all. The difference is remarkable and I could not thank Dr. Seicshnaydre enough for the incredible results.



Kara Nayfa