Dr. Seicshnaydre did reconstructive surgery on my nose to help me breath through it. Before the surgery I could only breathe through my mouth and after the surgery I could breathe through my nose and I have more energy. The main thing I tell people when they ask about my surgery is how nice and comforting Dr. Seicshnaydre and Ms. Nancy were before and after the surgery. I was very nervous before the surgery and called the office many times to ask questions about the surgery. Dr. Seicshnaydre or Ms. Nancy always answered all my questions with a lot of detail and never rushed me off the phone. The thing that I most appreciated was the day of my surgery I was a nervous wreck and I had heard stories of the patient going under anesthesia and the doctor not even being there yet. That made me very nervous. The last person I saw before going under was Dr. Seicshnaydre and he was telling me it was going to be okay, that meant a lot to me. The recovery part of the surgery was tough, but when Dr. Seicshnaydre called to check on me or I called with a question he always was so excited about how I was going to feel after the couple of recovery days, and him being so confident and excited about my finished results made those recovery days a lot easier. Overall my experience was and turned out to be a life changing procedure and I am thankful for Dr. Seicshnaydre and his team for being so great.



Emily Cater