Stress and illness

stress4Any discussion of health maintenance would not be complete without a word about stress management and happiness. Compared to just ten years ago, we humans are mentally challenged with the advent of technology. Computers, e-mail, cell phones, beepers, multimedia, faxes, and more allow us to push our brains to new limits, often with little downtime.

These demands can be enormous and truly drain our body’s energy. New studies confirm that our immune system’s ability to fight infection is reduced by stress and enhanced by peace and happiness.

Find and focus on the good in all stressful situations. Create ways to really “give your mind a rest,” through diversion, meditation, relaxation, prayer or even exercise. If you identify that stressful events in your life are affecting your health, rise up and make progress toward reducing that stress and therefore improving your health.

Balance the increased pace with moments of rest through time management. Allowing mental diversions such as a brief nature walk are essential to allow our brain to recharge. By making time to give our awesome brain a little break throughout the day and you will do a better job at your task, feel healthier and be happier.

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