The key to successful sinus surgery

Successful sinus surgery starts with Doyle splints


The key to recovery, and long term success inside the nose, is the placement of a Doyle splint at the end of the surgery. A recent poll found 85% of advanced board certified Sinus surgeons use this splint, because it works! Because the splint must stay in your nose for 6-8 days, your recovery is easiest keeping 2 things foremost in your mind:

1. Head Elevation. Less sense of congestion is achieved by sitting mostly upright during the day, and sleeping at a 30 degree angle at night.

2. Nutrition and Hydration. The temporary dehydration from mouth breathing and poor nutrition from the splint induced nasal obstruction are overcome by a focus on hydration and nutrition, insuring the most efficient recovery.

You are typically given an antibiotic, pain medication and topical antibacterial cream to apply along the incisions. Light work in an upright position is okay after 3 to 4 days if nutrition is maintained. Additional instructions to achieve the greatest results are discussed when scheduling the procedure.

Unlike the gauze packing from 15-20 years ago, 90% of patients find the Doyle splints slide out quite easily, giving you the first, and incredible sense of improved nasal airflow and function.

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