Information On Sleep Disorders For Gulf Coast Patients

Gulf Coast Rhinoplasty helps to treat a variety of symptoms leading to sleep disorders. A lack of quality sleep can often be attributed to airflow issues. The underlying cause of the airflow problem can be exacerbated by the sleeplessness, creating an unpleasant cycle. Getting the proper treatment for any sleeping disorders you may have can greatly improve your general quality of life.

The Importance of Good Sleep

A good, full night’s rest is an essential part of any person’s daily routine, and is a key factor in making normal, healthy brain function possible. In fact, it’s impossible to overstate how much sleep affects one’s life. In addition to playing a role in long-term mood, mental health, and motivation, ample rest has a huge impact on the body’s immune system, keeping it healthy enough to fight off infections and diseases, and to heal any injuries.

Treatment of Common Sleep Disorders

If you find yourself having fitful, restless nights, or if you wake up feeling tired and irritable, it’s worth speaking to a physician about the possibility of a sleep disorder. Such conditions are very common; in fact, an estimated 60 million Americans suffer from them, and many go undiagnosed. Some of the more common ones include apnea, in which the airway becomes obstructed for over 10 seconds several times during the night, snoring, and rhinitis, which is the inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes.

The three disorders named above, as well as several others, involve some type of obstruction to the nasal passages. Restricted breathing like this can cause a host of health problems on top of interrupting healthy sleep. Add the effects of prolonged exhaustion, and we can see how serious these disorders can be. By performing procedures such as a Functional Rhinoplasty or Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, we seek to remove the underlying issues directly, clearing the airways in order to allow the patient regular, restful sleep.

If you suspect that you have a sleep disorder, it’s important to speak to your doctor as soon as possible. If you’ve been diagnosed and are interested in taking steps toward a cure, call us today for a consultation.