Frequently Asked Questions

sinus recovery

Q: Will my insurance company pay for my surgery?
A: Most surgeries performed are covered by your insurance. The surgeries that we perform are considered medically necessary, therefore should be covered. Ultimately it will depend on your insurance plan and if the surgery is a covered procedure.

Q: What will my out of pocket cost be?
A: Your deductible and coinsurance will determine your OOP. Most insurance companies cover at 80% or 90%. Some will vary. Your coinsurance is the 10%-20% that insurance does not pay. Our staff is always ready and able to assist you with these and other questions.

Q: Does surgeon fees include the facility and anesthesia?
A: No, you will receive 4 statements. Facility, Surgeon, Anesthesia, and Pathology-all different entities.

Q: Will I have to pay anything up front?
A: The procedure being performed and your deductible/coinsurance will determine that. Most “up front” payments are made to the surgery centers. Surgeons and anesthesia normally bill your insurance company first, with the exception of cosmetic procedures.

Q: How soon will I be able to get an appointment?
A: In most cases the same day, depending on your insurance. It will also depend on the physician’s surgery schedule or severity of complaint.