Exercise and Illness

excerciseandillnessOf course, exercise, in moderation is a great way to keep your immune system primed and your resistance up. When fighting an infection, running or other Gym work should be reduced to 50% of the normal level. Because of the energy demands of fighting an illness, a vigorous workout can occasionally make an illness worse.

In summary, remember that a proper balance of all these exposures we encounter is intimately related with our resistance to illness and our sense of energy and wellness. Keeping things in moderation, relative to our bodies own effort toward balance leads to a conservation of energy, a stronger immune system, and a healthier life.

Something to consider

After a thorough review of this website, you will undoubtedly find many ways of energy conservation that can be applied to your personal routines. This will promote health and wellness, and likely be consistent with your goals in life.

Consider the hours you spend at work and planning to provide for yourself, your family and your retirement. Although we often invest this time and money for future needs, the time and effort invested in your health, with tools like these in this website, may save you more money and time in the future.

Many older people with chronic medical conditions will tell you they spend much of their time and money at the doctor’s office. Although these techniques are no guarantee you will avoid poor health in life, medical science continues to find that incorporating this information into your life will lead to a healthier, happier and longer life.

Follow the detailed steps outlined in various locations throughout this website for an easy way to incorporate these energy producing changes into your lifestyle.

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