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The impact of nutrition

To understand the impact of nutrition on our energy, you must be aware of the exposure we receive through foods. We have about 30 feet of intestinal tract from our mouth to our anal opening. Twenty feet is small intestine where our body is basically open to the outside world. Relative to our effective skin…
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Travel And Stay In Gulfport, MS

If you are one of the many people who travel from out of town for the specialty surgical care we provide from our clinic, there are good options for you to stay locally. We have a relationship with the owner of the Island View Hotel and Casino, located blocks from both our clinic and the…
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Surgery Expectations

How painful is this surgery? You will have no pain during the surgery. Afterward, most people have mild to moderate pain, but mostly pressure and a sense of congestion. Some people do not need any pain pills at all; many need just plain or extra strength Tylenol; others need stronger pills with a narcotic. Maintaining…
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