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Ear, Nose and Throat Secrets

Ear, Nose and Throat Secrets On this page you will find tips avoid common conditions. Remember, this is not a substitute to seeing your physician when a health problem arises.  Head Elevation Because our head is at the top of our body, we can take advantage of gravity to prevent fluid build-up in the tissues…
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Are You Sleep Deprived

Are You Sleep Deprived? Medical science is currently experiencing a surge of interest and knowledge about the complexity and importance of sleep. Not only is restful sleep essential to normal body function, general health and healing, the lack of sleep leads to multiple medical conditions. Symptoms of sleep apnea, such as waking out of breath,…
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Ennergy and Allergy

Allergy and Energy Consumption Frequent infections such as head colds, sinus infections, ear infections, and even balance disorders can have an allergic origin. One of the reasons is because the constant allergy burden consumes our body’s available energy. It is estimated over 40 million Americans, and up to 40% of all children are affected day-to-day…
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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my insurance company pay for my surgery? A: Most surgeries performed are covered by your insurance. The surgeries that we perform are considered medically necessary, therefore should be covered. Ultimately it will depend on your insurance plan and if the surgery is a covered procedure.   Q: What will my out of pocket…
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