Allergy Shots

147787621Immunotherapy is the practice of treating allergic reactions through a series of allergy shots. Allergy impacts on daily health are extremely common, but often hard to recognize. Over 20 years treating regional allergies allows me to better identify these energy draining conditions. When indicated, complete inhalant allergy management can improve your quality of life.

I understand the challenges of receiving health care today, specifialergy1cally the cost and time commitment to make shot appointments. However, I want you to know this investment is well worth it.

Our current technique, that produces an accurate result of what you are allergy to, is called the “Multitest.” Because this is applied to the arm above and below the elbow, you are able to “see” how reactive you are to each allergic substance. The picture below shows the device sitting in a solution of each potential allergy substance (allergen) just prior to skin application.

Following the quick skin application, that only stings slightly, you wialergy2ll learn what you are allergic to as we measure how reactive you are to each allergen. This allows us to tailor your shots to your unique allergies, resulting in successful allergy shot therapy.






Immunotherapy (Allergy Shot) benefits:alergy3

Daytime Alertness

Resistance to Illness

Increased Energy

Improved Sinus and Lung Function

Improved Work and Physical Performance

Improved sleep

Improved breathing and respiration

Most patients on allergy shots who miss there weekly shot become very aware of return of symptoms and thus the substantial benefit. Your daily sense of well-being is worth the investment of time and money.

Call today for an appointment to take advantage of our experience and learn what leads to your daily symptoms of fatigue, sleep disruption and other nasal symptoms.

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