Adenoidectomy is beneficial to overall health


Small children with recurrent respiratory inflammation, such as allergic and asthma, are frequently made worse by the obstructive, inflammatory and bacterial reservoir influences from effects of enlarged adenoid tissue.

Adenoid removal with or without tube placement can be very symptom reducing in children as early as one year of age.

Adenoidectomy is performed for many reasons. It is always done in conjunction with tonsillectomy. Adenoidectomy is always indicated with a second set of ear tubes, and is performed with a first set of tubes to reduce airway reactivity children over 12 months old.

Adenoidectomy is beneficial to overall health in young children with a history of asthma, RSV, pneumonia or recurrent bronchitis.

Chronic sinus infection in pediatric age group that recur with antibiotic treatment are usually improved with Adenoidectomy.

Adenoidectomy has also been shown to decrease the frequency of asthma flares.

Fortunately, recovery from adenoidectomy alone, or with tube placement, is pain free. However, bad breath is very common as healing occurs where the adenoids have been removed.

You can expect improvement in frequency of antibiotics, improved sleep quality, less visits to the pediatrician, and less sinus and nasal issues.

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